The Team

Daniela holds a Bachelor's Degree in Interior Design and a Master's Degree in Interior and Spatial Design at the Politecnico di Milano. During the master's course, she follows an Erasmus program in Lisbon at Faul, Universidade De Lisboa, Faculty of Architecture and Design. in the meantime, she obtains the II level Master in "Museography, Architecture and Archeology, Strategic Design and Innovative Management of Archaeological Areas". Her main interests are in design, architecture and exhibition design, along with a strong passion for the world of communication. She started collaborating in the Md'A Design Agency studio in December 2021 as a Junior Designer and Project Developer.


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Maddalena, is an architect, essayist and researcher. Qualified Associate Professor in 2017, following the PHD in the interior, museography and exhibit design cum laude, in 2004.

The architect has applied her abilities to combine research with museographic culture to conceptualize and design cultural exhibitions and projects. d'Alfono has been a member of DASTU (Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of Milan) since 2000, and the scientific board member of ICOM (The International Council of Museums), Italy since 2019.

Her book, Warm Modernity (Silvana Editoriale 2016, Milano) which has received the RED DOT award and the exhibition “The landscape of rights. Photographing the Italian Constitution” - designed and curated by arch. d’Alfonso in 2017 for Comune di Milano – received the Medal of high representation from the Presidency of Italian Republic.

In 2019, she founded Md’A Design agency to contribute her knowledge and network to reinforce interdisciplinary activities and bring architecture, curatorship and other specialities needed in the museum spaces management together by providing “Sustainable Architecture and Design Solutions” while highlighting the “Accessibility of the Visual Culture”.

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Sara got her professional diploma in Dance Theater course at the Paolo Grassi Civic School in Milan. She is currently completing her three-year degree in Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage and Entertainment at the Catholic University of Milan.

During the formative year, she was able to combine different work experiences in the artistic field by collaborating with professionals in the theatrical sector and the organization of the show.

She began her career in the Md'A Design Agency studio in April 2021 as office manager and project developer.

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Farah is an independent curator, art critic and researcher based in London, United Kingdom.

Her curatorial practice focuses on transnational dialogues, and on the ways, history, migration, memory, identity and other social forces have shaped modern realities. Her work aims to question dilemmas of borders and freedom through theoretical research and socially engaged art projects while exploring connections between various disciplines in order to challenge conventional definitions and forms.

Farah has co-founded non-profit research-led, socio-cultural platform called  ZEITGEIST19, focusing on art and sustainability, hosting talks and releasing podcasts with established and emerging cultural practitioners on culture and its socio-environmental impact.s.

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Marco graduated in architecture at Politecnico di Milano. Documentary photographer of landscape and architecture, Introini teaches Architecture Photography and Space Representation Techniques at the Politecnico di Milano.

In 2006 his work was published in the catalogue of the Italian Pavilion of the 10th Architecture Biennale, curated by Franco Purini.

Included in the twenty leading architectural photographers of the last ten years, he is interviewed by Letizia Gagliardi for the book La Misura dello Spazio (Rome 2010).

During 2015 he was involved in documenting architecture from the post-war period to today in Lombardy for the Lombardy Region and MIBACT and invited by OIGO (International Observatory on Great Works) to participate in a photographic campaign on Calabria, The Third Island. With the photographic project Milano Illuminista, still in progress, in the same year, he was selected by the Malerba Fund for Photography.

In 2016 he exhibited with the solo exhibition Portraits of Monuments at the MAGA Museum of Modern Art and for the XXI Triennale the photographic project Warm Modernity_Indian Paradigm which with the book of the same name won the 2016 RedDot Award.

In 2018 he was involved in projects: Mantua, architecture from the twelfth century to the twentieth century for the Territorial Pole of Mantua of the Milan Polytechnic, Ormea: signs of the landscape for the Nasagonado Art Project, and with Francesco Radino The Milan railway stations for the AEM Foundation. In 2019 he was invited to the Bocs Art Cosenza artist residence to create a photographic campaign on the city and in the same year, he was invited to create a photographic project on the maritime republics for the Pisa biennial curated by Alfonso Femia.

He has several publications, architectural and landscape photography exhibitions to his credit.