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“The journey from concept to realization”

We design based on a conceptual approach inspired by the unexpected while trusting visionary backgrounds and the atmosphere they generate to bring unique outcomes for each of our projects.

Md’A is situated right along the confines of design, art, and architecture, which will include private client for architecture, interior, exhibition, and space design.

Our team of architects and interior designers - in collaboration with an established network of professional consultants - carries out each project by creating inimitable solutions and unexpected collaborations. 

We take care of each project in a comprehensive manner, from concept creation, all throughout the project’s development, and taking care of all of the final details, including the graphic design. 




Organizing cultural programs; By understanding the nature of your business, we offer you relevant creative proposals, in addition to the right connections to engage with the public, institutions and local stakeholders & improve your trade-in Italy.

Beyond the physicality of the space, we work around pure freedom, to create a lifestyle by designing the spaces in which you experience culture in all of its forms.

Considering your concept, we develop creative editorial formats of storytelling and help you to organize and present it.

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